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Location:Exhibition Information >> 2010 China (Guangzhou) International Food Industry Exhibition

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2010 China (Guangzhou) International Food Industry Exhibition

At City: Guangzhou workplace: Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Pazhou Complex)
Start Date: 2010/9/10 End Date: 2010/9/12
Their trades: Food / Beverages / Liquor Hall Address:

Exhibition Information

Food is the relationship of human life and the importance of product safety and health. The food industry is an important part of the national economy and people's livelihood, major industries,The development of food industry role in promoting agricultural industrialization great is to increase farmers income and solve the "three rural" issue and the comprehensive construction well-off society in an effective way.

There are "Three bright spots" in September 2010 Guangzhou food and beverage processing and packaging equipment exhibition can not be missed:

One bright spot: three patterns, the buyer shared resources

The Food Fair is divided into household products, the middle and lower reaches three major categories of products, will be on display through the combination of related subject matter to create a diversified upstream and downstream industry chain through a trading platform, forming a one-stop sourcing buyers, exhibitors synergies shared resources.

Highlights 2: Professional-quality, industry event highlights

Guangzhou Food Fair will be adhering to the professional, branded exhibition concept, to attract more well-known Chinese and foreign exhibitors, while the introduction of a more diversified food industries and different regions of the brands.Optimization Pavilion distribution, open up new areas, to encourage creativity and features.

Highlights 3: an international perspective, the global food processing center

Food Fair in Guangzhou will depend on the coastal zone advantages, experts and domestic and foreign food production, processing enterprises and distribution companies together to create international food trade center; For the terminal market, the organizers will invite one to one manner, to ensure more effective participation of buyers, and to e-mail, text messages and letters in the form of an invitation to target customers at home and abroad;Joint local relevant government organizations, professional market, industry associations have visited.

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