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Location:Exhibition Information >> 2010 Food Fair | Organic Food Fair, Green Expo, health food show

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2010 Food Fair | Organic Food Fair, Green Expo, health food show

At City: Guangzhou workplace: Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Center
Start Date: 2010/8/14 End Date: 2010/8/16
Their trades: Food Hall Address: No. 119,Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou City

Exhibition Information

This exhibition received support the government and related departments, and Guangdong TV, Shenzhen TV, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Southern Metropolitan News, Phoenix Satellite Television, Hong Kong, Ta Kung Pao and other media to full coverage, and bus advertising, outdoor advertising, will attract Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 10 million visitors come to visit and purchase. As cross-strait "three links" to speed up the process, greater efforts will be invited to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other regions clients, meanwhile, experts and France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia and other professional audiences.


1, Organic Food: organic produce and organic rice, organic noodles, organic tea, organic edible oil, organic meat, organic convenience foods, organic frozen foods, organic health food and cooked food, organic baby food, organic drinks, organic means of production, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

2, green and health food: green health food, agricultural and sideline native products, fungi products, new resources, food, ethnic specialty products and native products, marine products, trace element products, mineral water, instant beverages and beverage powder, milk products, nuts, dried fruit, and vegetable juice, fruit juices, herbal fruit tea camellia, seminal plasma, wine, wine, champagne, coffee drinks, cocoa, functional beverage, ecology, food, vegetarian, buckwheat noodles, nano food, health care beverages, nutrients, oral liquid, marine products, spirulina, seaweed food, health wine, health tea, health, textiles, special effects health products, plant extracts.

3 natural supplements: pollen products, honey, ginseng products, fish oil products, enzyme products, green algae products, germ products, chlorophyll products, aloe products, plant extracts, mushroom products.

Jin Han Exhibition Center near the hotel recommended by: China Hotel, Guangzhou colleagues Hotel, Liu Hua Hotel, Kam Chau international business hotel.

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