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Location:Exhibition Information >> 2010 Ninth National Food Expo

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2010 Ninth National Food Expo

At City: Guangzhou workplace: Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Center
Start Date: 2010/8/14 End Date: 2010/8/16
Their trades: Food Hall Address:

Exhibition Information

一.Show theme: Green, safety, nutrition, health

National Food Fair (National Food Fair), was approved by the State Administration for Industry, support, food quality and safety by the Chinese authorities jointly sponsored by the National Food Industry of the most important event and one of China's top food fair. Following the national rum after a popular government at all levels, associations, and media and is highly recognized concerns event.

National Food Fair 2000 successfully held in Beijing, has been brilliant nine year.  There have been more than 7,000 exhibiting companies, received from China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and South Korea, Europe and the United States more than 100 countries and regions close to 500,000 buyers and visitors, on the display of the national food industry development achievements, and promote international exchange and trade cooperation, promote green nutrition, safety, health spending, the implementation of brand strategy and promote actively push forward the development of the industry.

The sixteenth through the 2010 Asian Games take a great opportunity for the production of food for domestic and foreign enterprises, and establish a brand in the international competition to promote the image, bringing together the industry's latest dynamic information, to create a professional and solid service platform for business negotiations, "Ninth National Food Expo 2010" in the success on the basis of pre-eighth should be large exhibitors, distributors strong demand, comply with the "green, security, nutrition and health" theme of the century, by the Chinese Food Culture Association China's Food Quality and Safety Association, Guangzhou Sheng Bo Exhibition Services Ltd., to "safety, health, green, nutrition" as the theme, on 14-16 August 2010, was held in Guangzhou Jin Han Exhibition Center. 

二, the exhibition scale: an area of about 10,000 square meters, visitors will visit the 3 million people, more than 60,000 people .

 三、Scope of Exhibits:

        A District: special snack food and recreational area:

        B: grain and oil products and integrated thematic exhibition

        C District: wine and drink, dairy, beverage special exhibition

        D District: spices, ingredients, spices and special exhibition

        E District: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pavilion project area

        F District: National brand products subject areas

       G District: food processing machinery and packaging materials thematic exhibition

      H Area: Hotels Restaurants Franchise thematic areas

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