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Location:travel news >> How to do the samples work well during Canton Fair in autumn

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How to do the samples work well during Canton Fair in autumn


  Fair time for the inevitable fall is to take samples, how to do sample work is carried out in Autumn Fair premise.

1. Fall Fair time to sample preparation.The Fair brought samples must prepare in advance to ensure that the company has completed production of the product and the design and development of products coming on stream before the Fair are Yangpin can bring. The necessary arrangements for the production sector can be a special production, For foreign companies even more prepared in advance, do not have to take risks, long before the manufacturers to provide samples to ensure that the sample can be placed when there is the most secure of. Fair trade companies can also wait until after the beginning of cooperation between manufacturers get from the sample, but this is still a bit risky.

2. Fall Fair time sample quality. If a low level of overall quality of our products, then it should be part of a special production. Personal view on the Fair samples reflect the company's products as long as the overall situation can, and customers really care about quality at the fair are not many, many only look at product types, specifications or the like, and then look at market prices,If the customer is really interested in the product, at the show or after the exhibition will be asked to send samples.

 3. Fall Fair time sample transport. Sample transport must be well calculated, it is better not to late for earlier, and checked with the courier company or sector in the process of consultation, it has to know the latest when they asked to to ensure that the sample of destination before the exhibition .

 4. Fall Fair Time sample maintenance. Samples at the show will be a lot of guests appreciate the general, stroke, inevitably fall on the dust, stained with fingerprints, which requires frequent cleaning salesman samples, Every morning to the exhibition hall must first booth and sample clean-up clean again, and placed neatly.

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