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Location:travel news >> 2010 17th Guangzhou International Kitchen Equipment Exhibition

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2010 17th Guangzhou International Kitchen Equipment Exhibition


Exhibition Name: 2010 17th Guangzhou International Kitchen Equipment Exhibition

Start Date :2010-12-8

End Date :2010-12-10

Exhibition Venues:Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Pazhou Complex)

Industry:Appliances / furniture / household items

The annual Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition, brings together China, the United States, Germany, France, more than 30 countries, hotel equipment supplies, drawing supplies dealers across the country and all over the hotel the hotel staff came to discuss the purchase order. Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition, run better year after year, large-scale year after year. After 16 years of efforts, in 2009, Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition sixteenth exhibition area with more than 120,000 square meters, is the world's largest hotel supplies exhibition. 2010 17th session of the Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition, we will work harder, continue to the Council into the world's largest, highest quality product at most, the most popular hotel supplies exhibition.

Kitchen Catering Equipment Products Pavilion

Western kitchen equipment, kitchen stoves, kitchen knives, dinner meal oven, stainless steel kitchen utensils, electric stove, fast food equipment, bakery equipment, refrigeration equipment, freezers, chiller, plastic wrap, aluminum foil fresh, food machinery, dishwashers, ice machines, water heaters, ventilation equipment, environmental equipment, beer equipment

Hotel furniture exhibition

Hotel dining furniture, hotel suite furniture, hotel private dining room furniture, hotel sofa, hotel mattress, decorative antique furniture, banquet furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, electric table, cooker table, etc.

Desktop Products Pavilion

Stainless steel tableware, bamboo tableware, ceramic tableware, glass tableware, melamine tableware, cooking utensils, alcohol stove, glassware, glass turntable, gold and silver, chopsticks class

Rooms, matching appliances, supplies titanium and exhibition hall

Hotel TV, telephone, safe, electronic door locks, water bottles, consumables, service vehicles housing materials, carts, bedside control system, room lamps, umbrella stands, lectures consultative customer, lobby signs, palm trees, decorative sculpture

Cleaning and laundry equipment exhibition

Washing machine, polishing machine, wiping machine, e-whipped me, suction machine, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, trash, dust push, floor mats, cleaning agents, detergents, hand sanitizer, liquid soap machine, dry skin device, stone care equipment, air cleaners, laundry equipment

Textile fabric, uniforms exhibition

Bedding, table cloth, table mat, napkins, towels, rugs, laundry bag, down products, Hotel linen, Hotel uniforms

Coffee and tea, food exhibition

Coffee machine, coffee food, coffee equipment, tea, tea, wine, drinks, soups, spices, health foods

Other Sections

Hotels, restaurants Series software, POS terminal display system, hotel meetings, entertainment, surveillance systems, sensor products, intelligent sports equipment, media, etc.

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