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Location:travel news >> 5 well-known free of charge domestic attractions

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5 well-known free of charge domestic attractions


1.West Lake, Hangzhou

   It has always been quite a surprise to people who had been in West Lake in Hangzhou by its beauty. Since 2002, it has been free of charge. As long as you like, you can get on the cheapest train with a bag of some solid food to live the most simple hotel, they can enjoy the beauty of it as paradise ... ...

2.Phoenix city

   Ancient city of Phoenix is not all free of charge, but her main attractions - the ancient city of Phoenix does not require fees. Of course, if you're going to visit former residence of Shen, Xiong Xiling houses in landscape, it is another matter. To the ancient city of Phoenix,it is enjoying the most wonderful when you can walk in the city's small-plate trail, take a look at the dance rock Tuojiang water.

3.Beihai Silver Beach

   "North Guilin,south Beihai Silver Beach ".This is the world's most rare one of the fine sand  and is one of the best coastal resorts.Bathed in blue and white under the bright sun, white sand play in the play, enjoy the gentle waves, swim in the sea breeze in the micro-fishy bursts of meditation; blue sky by parachute at sea, motorboat driving thrills of wind and waves, as well as leisurely beach sports, Discovery feelings of pleasure and bird shows, exotic dancing enjoyable, Jimu End of the World, Haitian connected, little fishing boats ... These wonderful  is free ... ...

4.Beijing Shichahai

   Shichahai lived side street, but also a land of golden ginkgo leaves, lanterns are lit, the lake of darkness, but could not see the broken rock on the vessel floated the familiar music ... Beijing Shichahai, a country with modern art without losing Antique Fan Erque place, has brought great joy to the visits at the performers sing and singers, but also elegant tea in the sea after the boat ...This is one of the ten Yanjing, Beijing is one of the few spots free of charge ...

5.Orange Isle

   Hunan unique free natural landscape .

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