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Three Dead Sea


1.Dead Sea of China, Sichuan Daying

   Chinese Dead Sea "is located in the British county of Suining City, Penglai.It is also another bright spot in Sichuan tourism industry.  Is another magical landscape on 30 degrees north latitude. The water (brine water) from 3000 meters underground, the outlet temperature as high as 87 degrees Celsius, more than 22% salt content. Chloride salt-based, similar to the Middle East "Dead Sea", people can easily float in the water unsinkable.

2.Yuncheng Salt Lake

   Salt Lake is located in southern Shanxi Shanxi Yuncheng basin, formed in the new century the fourth generation. The mountains to the sea to go, a lot of minerals like salt together in here, after a long-term precipitation evaporation, forming a natural lake. Feudal society, Yuncheng Salt Lake in the national fiscal revenue has accounted for one eighth of the Chinese nation have made a significant contribution to the lives and breeds.Yuncheng Salt Lake can be compared to the Dead Sea in Israel, lake in the black mud contains seven constants, and 16 kinds of trace elements. Boating lake can the human body, the lake can be beautiful skin renewing black mud, so Yuncheng salt lake known as - the Dead Sea.

3.Shandong Shouguang Shen Lake Orient

   Orient Weifang Shouguang Shen Lin Hai Lake is one of the most representative sites of ecological Exposition, Lotus Garden is located in the west, and Shandong Shouguang Lotus Flower Festival is a two scenic tourism brand. Park was originally saline wasteland, through continuous transformation, have been built sets saline tourism, leisure and entertainment in one of the state AAAA-class tourist area, the national agricultural tourism demonstration sites at the provincial level forest parks, municipal Wetland Park.

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