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Position: Meitrip >> Yangzhou >> SSAW Garden Hotel Yangzhou

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SSAW Garden Hotel Yangzhou

Chinese gardens adhere to the principle of "although created by humans, it feels like the sky opens up". The construction of the SSAW Garden Hotel Yangzhou is also committed to deep integration with the natural environment, fully following existing elements such as terrain, water bodies, and plants, adapting to local conditions, and using aesthetic principles such as symmetry, proportion, and color with ingenuity, pursuing a Chinese style garden feeling of uneven and echoing scenery, scattered and harmonious forms, and creating a "static observation as the tone, dynamic as the finishing touch" SSAW Garden Hotel Yangzhou. The fusion of water and stone creates a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, reminiscent of the scene of "painting boats under the bridge at noon, clothes and figures in a hurry". The world's roads are bustling, with boats and cars rushing through the early morning thoroughfare, and at night, the ferry crossing is silent with fine water. Journey by journey, heading towards a grand feast with a thousand years of cultural heritage and a ten mile spring breeze; One city, one harbor, shedding all fatigue, searching for the direction of the journey in the endless stories, and enjoying one's own art and distance. Green city walls, deep red garden flowers; Leaning against the railing and facing the water, it is as warm and refreshing as Qin. In the quiet pavilion, one can wait for the moon to meet the wind, while in front of the moving threshold, one can carefully count the swimming fish. A leisurely and comfortable slow life in the forest, spring, and wild paths, one can also find a leisurely and comfortable retreat in the bustling center of the city. Where is this night moored? SSAW Garden Hotel Yangzhou Meets Junchang Short Pavilion. Hidden in the market, Mooring at the Jun Pavilion at night Stay at the Slender West Lake Night Mooring Junting Hotel and you will enjoy the hotel's prestigious services, easily reaching major commercial centers and attractions in Yangzhou. Welcome to book our hotel!

  1. › Opend 2024/01/01
  2. › CN Name:扬州瘦西湖夜泊君亭酒店
  3. › Number of Rooms: 41
  4. › Hotel star: Luxury
  5. › District:
  6. › Business zone:
  7. › Address: 7 Slender West Lake Road, Hanjiang District(
  8. › Booking tel: 400-862-8088

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