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The usual problems about the hotel reservation

1、Is it having a guarantee on the online reservation?

Of course, on line reservation you do not need to pay money, only after you make a reservation and receive the confirm text, the hotel will remain the room to you, in case there is no room and feel embassy.

2、What is the profit about the online reservation?

(1)、The reservation is fully free;
(2)、Enjoy lower price than the front office;
(3)、Priority to the room, avoiding hurry to find a room and delaying your agenda.

3、How to make a reservation on line?

The website is simply booked on the Internet, there is no need to make a call. You can only find the hotel that suited for you, and then click the reservation button of related room style, later write some personal information, send it out you will receive an order (when the internet is crowed maybe it will delay), it means that our officer is busy to solving it, fundamentally speaking, in 30 minutes you will receive the reservation confirm. If you receive the texts such as the reservation has been confirmed or the reservation is successful, showing that you have made a successful reservation, you can enter the hotel on time. Once you receive the room is full , advising you can choose others hotel.

4、Why on line reservation is lower than the hotel front office?

Because we have contract with the hotel, regularly we will provide a great many of customers to hotel, so we can get lower price, meantime, the hotel is in order to grantee that we will give them customers, there is on doubt that the bill is more cheap.

5、Is the reservation need to make a name?

There is on need and reservation directly, but you need to leave you cell phone number, it is convenient to receive the text, if you have, can first and then reserve, so you save the travel of rewrite the personal information. If you are the first to make a reservation, when the order is passed then we will send a private cell phone message to you, and you will became a member of the website, namely you can use your cell phone and the received message.

6、Why need to write the cell phone number when reservation?

(1)、In order to receive the reservation result we send;
(2)、Confirm you identify is true;
(3)、In case to contract with you.

7、The usual problems about the reservation

Q:When I get to the hotel the front office said there is no my reservation what is wrong?
A:If you have made successful reservation, and receiving our confirm, the hotel front office have your order, you can check it with the order' name. If really no you can contract with our reservation center, the tell phone number is 020-22361555/28852299/28852135/28852136/28852137/28852138,we will solve it with the hotel.
Q:My agenda has something change, what can l does if want to change or cancel the reservation?
A:if there is need to change of cancel you reservation, please call our reservation center, the number is 020-22361555/28852299/28852135/28852136/28852137/28852138 ,our service customer will help you to solve it .
Q: If l want to stay more days in the hotel what can l do?
A: If in the hotel having the chance to go to the internet you can change and belong your order, also can call and tell the reservation center, the phone number 020-22361555/28852299/28852135/28852136/28852137/28852138, meanwhile after the journey is end, please go to the meitrip member center and pick an order to prolong your journey, so that you can reward some rewards.
Q:Pay attention to some questions when ready to go to a hotel
A: When you reservation a hotel you should make a reserve in your name, when ready to enter the room should using the enervator’ s name, equally, the person to make a reservation and the person to leave in the hotel is the same.
Q:Arriving the hotel how to get the reserved room?
A:When you are arriving the hotel, at the general office tell them your name, and tell them you have made the reservation, after the hotel confirm will provide the room fou you.
Q:Before staying, how can l know how many scores of the reservation?
A:Only you enter the meitrip, on the page of hotel list, it had wrote each room’ rewards. On the page of the order, the system will automate tell you the rewards scores.

8、8 Why you choose the meitrip to reserve the hotel?

(1)、Lower price promise, guarantee the list is lower than the hotel' front list, on the contrary, after we check we will pay back you all the difference;
(2)、Advanced reservation, in advance to make a reservation on the Internet conveniently, avoiding the embarrass in case that there is no room when you get to the hotel.

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